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Frequently asked questions

What is hologram and how is it made?

The word "hologram" goes from two Greek words - "holos" - whole, entire and "grapho" - write. Holography means recording of the entire information about the object. Hologram is able to replay the volumetric image of an object when lit by the light. Very often any volumetric image is called hologram but it is wrong. There are many ways to reach 3D effect - lenticular technology, anaglyph glasses and other devices used to "deceive our brain". The image acheived using these devices is subjectively volumetric - it just seems to us volumetric. But only hologram replays objectively volumetric image because it reconstructs the wave front of an object. More information on holography and physical basics of it can be found on the page "About holography".

Do you make holograms yourself or are you just a reseller?

We sell only holograms that we make ourselves in our holographic studio in Orel, Russia. You can meet our holograms on different websites, but we are the only manufacturer.

How do you deliver purchased holograms?

We ship the purchased orders worldwide by Russian Post international registered airmail. Prices of holograms are stated without shipping cost. The shipping cost will be calculated after you place the order, depending on the final weight of a parcel. You can contact us in advance to calculate the shipping cost using our feedback form.

How can I pay for my order?

The most comfortable payment method for foreign customers is payment by banking cards. To pay with credit card you should choose payment method INTERKASSA during checkout. Keep in mind that shipping cost will be calculated by us later and added to your order, so please don't pay before the shipping cost is added to your order (you will receive the message from us). After shipping cost is added to your order, you should log in to your account and press "Pay now" button on the page with your order details. You will be taken to INTERKASSA payment gateway where you should choose International banking cards. Follow the instructions on the INTERKASSA payment gateway. Keep in mind, that all prices on our site are stated in rubles, they will be automatically converted according to INTERKASSA rates.

How to handle with hologram?

There are no any specific rules of handling with hologram. But keep in mind the following:

1. Emulsion layer, containing  hologram will be spoiled by water or other liquids, so don't let water or any other liquid get on the back side of hologram. Face side of a hologram can be wiped with wet cloth. Don't use strong detergents.

2. Emulsion layer, containing hologram is applied right to the substrate (glass or film). This means that if the glass is broken or scratched it cannot be replaced. Handle the face side of hologram with care.

3. Don't expose hologram to high or low temperature.

4. Depending on the humidity of air in the room, the color of image on hologram may change.

Where should hologram be hanged (put) so that it was well seen?

Hologram need proper lighting to be well seen. Hologram should be lit with SINGLE source of light, having smallest size. This way, the image on hologram will be sharp and deep. The reason is that hologram reconstructs as many images as many sources of light is used. If hologram is lit with a diffused light, the image will be blured. Lamps with large bodies, chandeliers with many bulbs, lamps of daylight, sun covered with clouds should not be used to light the hologram. Hologram is well seen in direct sunlight. For a small or medium size hologram standing on the table, ordinary table lamp may be used. Hologram, hanging on the wall, should be lit with a special light. The optimal sources of light for holograms are halogen bulbs with reflectors. LED light with single powerful LED also can be used (not with a matrix of LEDs!). Light should fall on hologram with the angle about 30-45 degrees to its surface. The direction of view of spectator should be perpendicular to the hologram's surface. When you hang the hologram on the wall, find optimal  angle of light and location of hologram so that it was seen from different places of the room.

Can you make hologram of me (my children, my cat, my dog) using photos?

Unfortunately, no. Photo doen't keep the volume of an object. Holograms are recorded using real volumetric objects. So, to make a portrait, a person must visit our studio himself.

Can you make hologram on demand, with custom image?

Yes, it is possible. Contact us using using our feedback form to discuss all the details.

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